Hands + Feet



Essential Manicure (45 min.) 32
Your hands receive all the necessary basics. Nails and cuticles are groomed with detail, your skin is moisturized with a hydrating lotion and fingernails polished or buffed to your preference.

Essential Pedicure (60 min.) 57
Nails, cuticles and soles of your feet receive the necessary grooming and pampering they deserve! Your skin is moisturized and toenails polished to perfection.

Essential Mani + Pedi combo (90 min.) 80


Luxury Manicure (60 min.) 42

Pamper your hands with this luxurious manicure! A skin smoothing Green Tea Seaweed Salt Scrub to start of your treatment. After Cuticles are cleaned, nails are trimmed, shaped, and buffed, enjoy the soothing warmth of a paraffin wax treatment as well as a hand + arm massage. Polish application included.

Luxury Pedicure (75 min.) 67*

Your feet deserve the full treatment! After the full works of filling, buffing, and cuticle cleaning, enjoy a Green Tea Seaweed salt scrub and relaxing foot & leg massage with a super hydrating Seaweed Body Butter. Hands and arms are also massaged while warm paraffin is applied to the feet. Polish application included.

Luxury Mani + Pedi combo (2hr.) 98*

*complentary hand massage included



Add-on french polish, nail art or gems 10

Add-on Shellac™ 14-day nail polish 10